Magnetic Business Cards Need
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Going an extra mile to make a unique identity of your business always helps. Magnetic business cards one such marketing tool. These business cards stick to your clients with your very own magnetic business cards. Magnetic business cards are an innovative marketing tool and kind of perfect for services.

They’re kind of tailor-made for plumbers, real estate agents, and electricians. Never again will your business card get lost inside a bag or a wallet. Clients can always keep your contacts at hand and in turn promote your service to others as well.

Marketing Manager

Great deal on these business cards and Flyers, which are on a nice, high quality paper stock. Did not take that long to print either.

Marketing Manager

“I got single sided print with soft touch, it looks and feels great. the delivery came right on time!”

Why are Magnetic Business Cards Better Than Stickers?

Wonderful thing about custom business card magnets is that they are removable. Stickers can be difficult to apply and take off, and in some cases can actually cause damage to the surface. Static clings and vinyl decals come off too easily – you want something that will stay put. For an affordable way to advertise your business, magnetic business cards are your best option.

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