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How to Choose the Right Paper for Creating Outstanding Flyers?

The role of flyers in marketing is immense, considering the inexpensiveness, as well as effectiveness associated with it. If your flyer is appealing, your business may experience new highs. The leaflets that are handed out to people on public places, or sent through e-mail are best ways to advertise the products or services of a business. The most crucial element in creating any outstanding flyer, is the type of paper chosen for printing. The following factors are kept in mind when choosing paper for printing flyers –

Finishing: The paper enhances or deteriorates the aesthetic value of a handout. The glossy paper is suitable for grabbing the attention of the customers through images and bold colours. It is a good choice for two-side printing and has lesser chances of contortion. A matt is preferable when your advertisement consists of less flashy or no images and more text. The matt improves the readability of the written matter and they are smudge free as well.

Colour: Coloured paper in either glossy or matt finish is ideal for black and white printing. Sometimes advertisers require the handbills to be filled as a form or feedback by the receivers. The perfect choices in such cases are uncoated writable papers. On the contrary, if you are thinking of coloured ink printing and for presentations or strong graphics, a white canvas or light colour background suits.

Thickness: Papers vary not only in terms of finishing, but also according to thickness grades. Papers are measured in units called gsms. A gsm indicates the amount of grams per square meter. For an economical campaign a 135 gsm is appropriate. The 170 gsm flyers are ideal for trade fair or similar events. On the other hand, the promotional campaigns related to hospitality and retail use 250 gsm papers.

Eco-friendliness: Although the conventional sources of manufacturing paper is wood, nowadays, papers are made of synthetic fibres, plastic and even clothes. There are green paper made from environment friendly and recyclable materials found in forests and are capable of biodegrading faster than the unsustainable versions. If your company wants to send across a strong message towards a sustainable environment, green paper is the right choice.

The overall sophistication and attractiveness of flyers depends on many factors and the most important are paper selection and designing. If these match the parameters, nothing can stop the flyers from making their mark and promoting businesses.

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